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1,000,000 Hits

Posted on: July 25, 2008

As of yesterday, Fire Emblem Blog has received a total of one million hits!I would like to thank all the contributors and readers of Fire Emblem Blog for your continued support 🙂 . It is my hope that Fire Emblem Blog will continue to grow and prosper.


by Saint of Swords


21 Responses to "1,000,000 Hits"

Job well done to all creators, admins, and contributors!

Great job to everyone that made the blog possible.

I already celebrated this on the Forums, but happy One Million hits!

*confetti flies* ya whoo hoo 1,000,000 hits! *party blower*

BOOOOOOOOYAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! We rock rock-solid!!

I haven’t heard anyone use ‘Boo-yah’ in so long! XD

I say it all the time.

Its original I’ll tell you that! XD Sure brightened up the post!

i always wanted to help run a site that gets so much hits :}

Congrats guys looks like your hard work definitely paid off 🙂

1,018,190 hits! An extra 18,190 hits!

If so many people come here, why don’t we have a bigger community?

People like to look at official art. I’ve learned that the hard way. XD

@ Shinigami Ninja:

‘Cause people are to lazy to post? Or is it that they only come to observe the fine content? 😉

I am the fine content, and the only way they’re gonna observe me is to post.

People can observe without posting. XD I’ve learned that from my site.

@ Shinigami Ninja:

= 0 ! I bet you blow all of Fire Emblem Blog’s pages out of the water! 😆

I bet I blow all of its members out too, *Strikes a pose* ;).

XD I’m sure you do!

I personally stand out more. Why people are interested in my intelligent opinions and thoughts. As for I blow YOU and everyone else out of the water~! *Blows them out of the pool* MUAHAHAHA!

yay 1000000 hits i think i put enough zeros there

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