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New FE DS info

Posted on: July 30, 2008

I found this info at our affiliates site, Fire Emblem Online

The game will include 6 difficulty levels. Normal and Hard. Normal is for beginners (probably changed to “easy” for English releases), and hard mode contains 5 different levels of difficulties. In hard mode enemy reinforcements will appear at the start every turn (not at the end of the enemy phase).

Confirmed classes (base class -> promotion):

Pegasus Knight -> Dragon Knight
Social Knight -> Paladin
Knight -> Armor Knight
Archer -> Sniper
Mercanary -> Hero
Myrmidon -> Swordmaster
Fighter -> Warrior
Hunter -> Horseman
Pirate -> Berkerker
Dark Sage -> Sorcerer
Mage -> Sage
Priest -> Cleric (females)/Bishop(males)



34 Responses to "New FE DS info"

That’s great! No new classes, except for sage.

dark sages sound cool

wow thats cool 🙂 . yay for sorcerers!!!

Sorcerer’s! Hopefully it won’t be some old hag!

I must say, I am sort of excited for this game, although I’m not big on FE.

That’s cold S. Luigi. Real cold. Niime can’t help that’s she’s facial challenged! lol

Well I’m hoping for a really cool looking one. I always prefered when Male characters do magic.

I liked the female mages best.

I’m sad that its not Shaman but at least Dark Sage is still cool.

I’d really like to know what the Commando is gonna be. I always thought of them as Rambo type people who have machine guns and no underwear.

i don’t liek the Dragon Knight upgrade though.

dragon knights.. that is kinda weird :/ i like falco knights and there probally wont be any guy flying units now..

…why exactly cant guys have pegasus in FE anyways.. i mean in the legend, a guy rode one

That’s true, but its kinda funky. Pegasi seem too feminine for a guy to right them. I don’t like girls on wyverns too much either.

Pegusus is actually one myth…and I dont think he was so girly looking. that said, I asume Intellegent Systems just made them a little too girly and decided to make it where only females can ride them too avoid changing things. and I agree that girls dont look so good as wyvern knights…just once in a while is fine though.

I wonder if shooter and comando will refer to different types of balistas.

I’d assume that Commando would be able to use the regular balista, given that they use arrows.

Commandos can morph into another ally for a period of time. It might be useful to have two Marths running around, for instance.

In my opinion, Commando doesn’t sound very Fire Emblem-ish. Marksmen was just fine but why bother putting a Commando unit in? Whereas normal Archer’s can access balistas.

Oops, I was referring to Mario64mario’s post. My last post looks kind of weird now. o_O

Commando sounds like a dancer/heron substitute.

Commando might as well be a copy cat. But it sure sounds interesting though. Wonder what the character(s) will look like.

Probably like Garcia. XD

Lke FE characters usually do.

You mean big and beardly? I don’t know… I always thought Sheena was more the clean shaven type.

Isn’t Sheena a girl? (Keep in mind I don’t know to much about this game.)

Yeah, it was a joke.

Sorry, it would have been more funny if I would have known more about it.

Sheena is a girls name,dude.

I would have guessed that. Its not like I know a friend or anybody else that has the name Sheena. So I wouldn’t have known. Joke or not though, I was getting confused with the Garcia thing. O_O

What are the odds that they will dumb down Marth and make it look like he’s a dumb 12 year-old… Oops. *Thinks to himself that he’s actually 12* I m-meant 11 year-old! I don’t think he will look as mature as he will in Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee though. He looks practically 18 or 19 in those games! Anyone agree?

Sheena? Sheeda doesn’t have a n in her name, lols. Unless you guys are talking about some kind of secret character…

Marth is 16. Before he gets to fight, though, he is 14. Don’t know if they would change his age in the new verison.

They had BETTER not change his age!

hey guys i was away at camp and i missed all of these new posts it looks really kool i think the dark mage/sorcerer looks pretty kool

So have you guys heard anything new about the game? I looked for a while but I got nada.

Well, there was a new video of it on the Forum somewhere.

Well, Saint spelled it with an N in the post with the Shonen Jump scans.

Aside from gameplay clips at E3, nothing new has been released.

that was me who spelled it like that.. and besides whats the big deal its just one stupid letter

This seems confusing. They’ve been changing up the classes way too much/

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