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Morphs Part 1: The Enigmatic Ephidel

Posted on: August 20, 2008

I was going to write an article discussing all the morphs of FE7, Blazing Sword, but that turned out to be a little more complicated then I had thought it would. So, just like my PoR-RD articles that im done with until further notice, I will be posting this article in parts.

Before I begin though, heres a quick explanation of what a morph is.By using the quintessence of other beings, Nergal…the main antogonist of Blazing Sword, is capable of crafting artificial humans that are at his beck and call. they are pale in complexion, with golden eyes and jet black hair. Through the story of Blazing Emblem, Nergal sends the morphs around the continent of Elibe under the banner of The Black Fang. There mission is to provoke the continents leaders into a war so great, the quintessence gathered from it would be enough to call back dragons. many morphs are involved in this, but the first I will look at is the enigmatic Ephidel.

As the first morph to appear, Ephidels face is almost completely covered by a dark purple hood, leaving only his glowing gold eyes visible. He targets the power hungry country of Laus, convincing its Marquess, Lord Darin, to start a rebellion against Ostia. He assures Darin that “his master” has the power to control dragons, and with such power they need fear nothing. Darin does fear a few things though…well a lot actually. Ostia, losing his power, Ostia…and so he is tempted more then once to abort the plan of world domination. Ephidel, however, is quick to kill anyone who tries to convince Darin to abort the mission, and eventually tells him that he cannot turn back due to the deaths on his head. A shocked Darin points out that all these deaths were by Ephidels hands, but Ephidel replies “Yes…I killed them….for you” . Ephidel has a very convincing personality, always using Nergals immense power as a bargainingtool, to which Darin always gives in. In time Darin sacrifices his castle, troops, and even his son, all for power Ephidel would never give him.

Ephidel seems to control many powerful individuals, including The Angel of Death Jaffar, and the Ostian spyLeila. Leila, who Ephidel says has much potential, is under orders from Lord Uther, Marquess of Ostia, to find out about the disappearance of Eliwoods father. She is caught however, and Ephidel ends her life by ordering her death by Jaffar’s hands. He orders that she be placed in the forest to lower their enemys moral. Once Eliwood arrives at the dragons gate, he is quick to swipe Ninian away and send Darin out to a battle he will most certainly lose. Later that day, however, Ephidel is payed back in spades when Nils stops Ninian from bringing forth a dragon. The power runs rampant….engulfing him in flames and disintegrating his very being.

Ephidel has a great deal of arrogance to him, especially over humans. He often remarks on the frailty of humans, and always has a smirk of arrogance on his face. This could be due to the praise he gets from his master. Nergal calls Ephidel his “precious pet” , saying that he is one of his most perfect creations. And though Ephidelnever gets the chance to show off his power, this humble writer would guess his strength lies in his cunningness. After all, he is almost always seen sneaking around behind stage, and in any circumstance where he is confronted in battle, he always manages to easily dodge the blows, or summon a body guard, instead of fighting. Infact, he doesn’t even execute Leila, instead ordering Jaffar to do so. So here we are left with two answers…either he is so strong he doesn’t think he should stoop down to his enemys level to kill them, or hes too weak to fight. Whether he is weak or strong doesn’t matter however, as his intelligence is enough to bring a country to its knees.



and thats it for part one. I have a lot going on now so I might not get another article up for some time, but I do intend to finish this series of mine.


by Saint of Swords


17 Responses to "Morphs Part 1: The Enigmatic Ephidel"

>> ephidels actually really irritating.. i always miss those kinda things..

i wonder if he was weak

Excellent article Saint of Sword’s. Ephidel is actually quite cool. I’m sure though that his stats were imperfect. Though I find it strange why he never once fought. I wonder if he was made just to be intelligent—rather somebody to carry out Nergal’s plans. Though I think Nergal picked him because Ephidel is quite crafty, and very sneaky. I doubt anyone could surpass his geniusness.

I always thought of Ephidel to be a brainiac. Nergal said that Limstella was “his perfect creation” and that she could do what Ephidel couldn’t…get rid of Eliwood and Hector. So I’m thinking that Ephidel was a near perfect screw up. Brains, but very little power.

Correct, his stats probably don’t have much to show. It irritates me that you cannot do as much as to simply highlight him and check his stats. Its lame. I’m guessing though he had a Bolting or something with him.

It keeps him enigmatic and seeming like he’s all powerful if you don’t beat him yourself.

It irratates me. >_<

I was actually hoping that you’d do an article on these guys, but I didn’t want to ask, as I’m sure your busy enough as it is. Congratulations on reading my mind, SoS!

good article and i think ephidel is strong because why would jaffar or anyone for that matter listen to him

Because Master Nergal said they have to…

Tia has a point. They know that Ephidel is Nergal’s subordinate and that if they disobey him they will have to face Nergal.

true but i mean cmon jaffar could have killed nergal and why did they make ephidel die i wanted to fight him and plus there were times when nergal said my beloved puppets you are strong and stuff lie that

Well for one, Jaffar was raised by Nergal so I would imagine Jaffar would not turn back on Nergal (unless Nino happens to convince him other wise…but Nino was not there so this isn’t the point). And I do believe Ephidel was strong, he just couldn’t escape quick enough and got killed by the Dragon.

He was probably strong by human standards, but he proably wouldn’t have been a very difficult Boss. And i don’t think Jaffar could have killed Nergal.

well i mean in the final chapter hes capable of doing it if u level him up and since nergal wasnt as strong as he was in the final chapter since he didnt have alot of quintenessance

Yeah, but at Jaffar’s level when you get him, there’s no way he could have beaten even a weakened Nergal. Besides that, he was loyal, so he would obey anyone Nergal put in charge. Besides that its possible that Ephidel and Limestella helped Nergal raise Jaffar.

Very nice post, I also like FE7. ^^

Getting into the discussion I think Limstella was the strongest Morph, but as someone said Ephidel is really smart.
About Jaffar, until Sonia ordered him to kill Nino, he was just blind and he would only follow orders, there was no way he coud have revealed.

I’m subcsribin to the feed, congratulotions for the blog. 🙂

PD: Sorry about mi english, I’m not a natural speaker, if any doubt please ask me.

I wish I could fight Ephidel. I’d wipe that smug grin off his face. But in the end, I like how he got fried.

I thought Ephidel was second best, under Limstella, in terms of pure power. However, he was much more personable.

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