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Just a quick FE DS update.
The possible english title has been released as “Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon”. I personally think that it would sound much better then “New Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light” which is way too long =p .

-Dark Priestess

TBE RPing is up! Check out the Rules and How to join to get registered

A while back I asked who everyone thought was the most mysterious character in FE, and the one with the most votes would get an article. It would be Volke, but most of the votes came from one person trying to tip the results of the poll the way they wanted it. So, The winner of the poll was Sophia. Read the rest of this entry »

I finally got around to updating the fan section of FE Blog. Sprites by KKcampy and Sontaire, in addition to a graphic by Alexander.Kluts. I decided to make a new page for Fan Graphics, since such things didnt fit into any category before : P .

In addition to that, i’ll be starting Sprite Contest II sometime this week. I havent thought of a theme yet, but im thinking of making it a free for all…allowing all the game’s sprites to be used. just something to look forward to.

–Saint of Swords

To avoid any confusion.. I, previously MT decided to change my name to Dark Priestess..

I finally got the stat sheets done for all the classes being used, up to level 3. the next step is to combine the player and assistant stats together (since both level up at the same time) and I want to give everyone a chance to change their names. you will have 3 days to resend your players name and/or assistants name. after that point I will need a few days to get everything set up, do some quick touch-ups, and then the role-playing will begin (for real) .

so, if you want to change your character’s name(s), E-mail me at with the subject “TBE RPG Name Change” .


–Saint of Swords

Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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