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TBE RPG Stat Sheets Complete

Posted on: September 5, 2008

I finally got the stat sheets done for all the classes being used, up to level 3. the next step is to combine the player and assistant stats together (since both level up at the same time) and I want to give everyone a chance to change their names. you will have 3 days to resend your players name and/or assistants name. after that point I will need a few days to get everything set up, do some quick touch-ups, and then the role-playing will begin (for real) .

so, if you want to change your character’s name(s), E-mail me at with the subject “TBE RPG Name Change” .


–Saint of Swords


11 Responses to "TBE RPG Stat Sheets Complete"

I don’t even remember what my guy’s name was or what class.

yeah, I know, it’s been so long. Hey, is the RPG going to be on FEB or TBE? b/c my CPU is really old and can’t handle TBE for some reason 😦

preperations needed to be done.. you know..

bleh. I don’t have an acount at WordPress and am too alzy xP. I would prefer if it were to be on TBE instead ^^ but if you do put it on FEB that’ll be good too.

kool i forget what all of my things were so i wont change it

its gonna be on a forum like TBE

A forum like TBE? So not on TBE?

What? Hey, i canceled italics. Argh. Stupid coding…

Well, will it be with sheets we made, like, in May? Because that’s my last activity here ^^’

I keep hearing about this RPG. What is it, and how do I join, if I can?

good to see you again, Volthe =}

When Saint posts the RPing site there will be a how to join section.

also, Volthe, you’ll have to resubmit your info(changing it or whatever else needs to be done)

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