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Fan Stuff Updated, and a Bit More…

Posted on: September 12, 2008

I finally got around to updating the fan section of FE Blog. Sprites by KKcampy and Sontaire, in addition to a graphic by Alexander.Kluts. I decided to make a new page for Fan Graphics, since such things didnt fit into any category before : P .

In addition to that, i’ll be starting Sprite Contest II sometime this week. I havent thought of a theme yet, but im thinking of making it a free for all…allowing all the game’s sprites to be used. just something to look forward to.

–Saint of Swords


4 Responses to "Fan Stuff Updated, and a Bit More…"

Cool. I’ll be making a couple sprites ahead of time then.

I should check it out. I haven’t seen this site in a long time, and I’ve forgotten everything on it.

Activity on this site is abysmally low.

Everyone is talking in the Gallary’s though.

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