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FE DS possible name released

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Just a quick FE DS update.
The possible english title has been released as “Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon”. I personally think that it would sound much better then “New Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light” which is way too long =p .

-Dark Priestess


6 Responses to "FE DS possible name released"

Shadow Dragon sounds cooler too. Whenever the word New is in something it sounds dumb.

I don’t like Shadow Dragon; it sounds generic and unexciting. At least ‘New Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light’ is distinct. You could be sure no other game was going to be called that.

True, it is kinda bland, bu thonestly, how much does the title really matter? I mean, Radiant Dawn sounds cool, but it sucks.

Radiant Dawn would’ve been cool, if it wasn’t preceded by Path of Radiance.

I’d honestly prefer they call the american FE DS ‘dark dragon and the sword of light’, since this is the first officially released english version of this FE anyway.

I, personally, like “Shadow Dragon and the Sword of Light” better BECAUSE it’s overly long. I can’t say why, but it sounds more appealing to me.

I wouldn’t mind if they added “And the Sword of Light” on the end, as long as there isn’t a “New” in the name. They’ll likely call it Dragon od Shadow, cause then it has a DS acronym.

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