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New DS Model, The DSi

Posted on: October 2, 2008

There have been some rumors of a new DS Lite model coming out, and they have been confirmed to be true. The “DSi” , as it’s called, was announced to be released in Japan on November 1st, 2008 for 18,900 Yen…and has been given a vague 2009 release date elsewhere. The unit will be 2.6 millimeters lighter, and both screens have been increased to 3.25 inches. Now, onto the interesting stuff.

Before you get your hopes up, let me get the bad news over with. No doubtedly to save on memory space for some new features, the DSi can no longer play GBA games. Instead, the DSi will have an audio and camera functionality. Not much has been said about the audio, save that both the pitch and playback speed of sound can be adjusted, but the camera will contain 300,000 pixels, and pictures taken will be viewable on the Wii photo channel. You can also alter the photos using the touch screen.

The DSi will now be able to download software from the DSi Shop using points, with titles being placed into Free, 200, 500, and Premium (800) categories. You can take games you’ve downloaded to the DSi with you. DSis that connect by March, 2010 will receive 1,000 points as a gift. Also, “Wii points” will be renamed “Nintendo Points” .

Now what do I think of this? Im actually really disappointed. Being one of the few people who believed this was actually going to exist, I was looking forward to it. But with the loss of the GBA slot, more then 75% of the DS’s usefulness is lost (for me anyways) . There aren’t many good games for the DS…I mostly use it to play GBA games. The up side is the ability to download games, but you shouldn’t have to buy games you already own. The audio and photo additions seem like a huge waste to me, and seem unnecessary for a gaming console. The screen size is a plus, I guess.


6 Responses to "New DS Model, The DSi"

mm.. sounds ..weird.. but the biggest waste of money ive seen in a long time. i use my DS 97% for GBA games

Useless. I’m sticking with my own DS Lite. I use the GBA Slot 85% of the time. 15% isn’t saying much.

They should have scrapped this idea and made an entirely new DS system with this and more functionalities… some gamecube graphics would have been nice… or maybe an improvement from the DS resolution with smooth graphics…no more blocky look

the gba non functionality is a let down too

i use the GBA slot about 85% of the time, thats because the games i usually play r fire emblem, lol, that might change when shadow dragon comes out, i just hope that u dont HAVE to use the LR buttons (mine quit working 😦 )

I have seen only about 6 DS games that were worth the money I paid since I got it. There are a couple more promising titles coming out soo, but I would rather they sink the money into a new system or better games that just a slight redesign of an existying thing with features that no one will usae and even if you do they’re basically worhtless. Most people already have a camer or a cell-phone with a camera and video record ability, we don’t need the DS to do it. Besides that, who the flip stores pictures on their Wii? Its alreayd got a small enough storage capacity as it is wihtout using it as a secondary photo album. I’d rather upload them to my computer where I can actually use them and not take up valuable space.

Plus, the GBA games are far more awesomer than most DS ones and my GBA is broken. SO I’mm gonna stick to my DS. I’ll probably buy a new one just so i have a GBA player when my DS breaks and they discontinue DS Lites.

wow Nintendo is getting so casual. CAMERA AND AUDIO FUNCTION. please, we already have tape recorders, cell phonese, video cameras, and digital cameras. This made me rage. just wait, we will be get to take pictures with the next wii 2.0!! Omg! put yourself inside the sreenshot of the game you just played! Bring your friends! Fun for the whole family!

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