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FE DS Release date

Posted on: October 3, 2008

Yesterday Nintendo confirmed that ‘Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon’ will be released in the U.S in the first half of 2009, and they also confermed that the title will be
‘Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon’ .


12 Responses to "FE DS Release date"

hopefuly it will work like RDs release did and come out on time

That’s good news. I need some money. >__>’ Yeah, I’m not capable of that yet. -__-

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! TOOOOOO LOOOOOONGGGG!!!!! First half of 09? They already have the damn game made! Translating it should not take a YEAR!!!

Grr, why must I wait? Why don’t they go for Christmas season, and score big bucks, like everybody else does?

but its only a half a year =p not too long to wait.. seriously though.. they just wanna make us WAIT so they can play it first ;_;

phew…and here I was thinking we were gonna have to wait much longer then the japanese to play this…oh wait…

well atleast its first half and not second…

IT’S MORE THAN WAY TOO LONG! IT’S A LONG ETERNITY! I can’t wait to play it! And I won’t be able to buy it here… I really have some serious problems with my country…

You can just order the American version online, Volthe. It will play on your DS. I’m from Australia, and that’s what I’m going to do. No way am I going to wait for the Australian release; as soon as there’s an English version, it’s mine.

Grrrr and me i live in Europ >=(|


I don’t know about the language though. I think it will be in German.

Luckily, i am a American who speaks German, so i am in luck.

What About Australia? Same as the European version? does anyone have any idea?

YOU’RE GERMAN PUDGE?! Wow! I’m not alone! Luckily, I only live above you americans. Soooo….. I’m probably getting it the same time as you. (And for you people geographically disabled… That’s Canada) I lvoe the FE series! I jsut hope it comes out BEFORE april, or at least the 19th so I can beg my grandma to buy it for me. Don’t you peeps just love it when your grandparent’s moto is “Whatever your little hearts desire”? It’s awesome………
Back to the actual \subject…. I CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY IT!

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