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Update: October 4th

Posted on: October 4, 2008

Alright, first off sorry for my absence from FE Blog lately. I have been putting most of my time into The Blazing Emblem and The Blazing Emblem RPG, and haven’t been doing much here aside from an update once in a while. To make up for that, I will be redoing the Sword of Seals to Path of Radiance official art pages today, turning them into galleries like the Sacred Stones and Radiant Dawn ones. I might also get some Shadow Dragon wallpapers up if all goes well.

As for what I have gotten done already, I uploaded some fan sprites made by shadowninja45, as well as the transparent background Sacred Stones sprites (thanks to Dark Priestess) . Now there aren’t assorted white backgrounds 😛 .




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Good job. And good luck with the Galleries. I’m still planning on doing those myself. -_-‘

Well so far the wallpaper isnt working out. I had wanted to put all 3 sizes on of each, but there are so many that the page is loading really slow. In the end it might be a better idea to just put the highest size on…you can always rezise it should you need it smaller, and that way there wont be so many.

I was wondering when another spirte contest would be up?

The sprite contest will be up in a few days

Oh? I should really get going then.

Hmmmm. i’d love to participate but I’m kinda swamped. Too bad.

Cool thx

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