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Sprite Contest Voting [edit]

Posted on: October 23, 2008

[edit: missed an entry ^_^’]

Fashionably late as always 😉 . after 2 and 1/7th weeks, we have received a total of 9 sprite entrys, and all very well done at that. However, I cant declare a winner until 1 has been deemed the best. So, without furthur adu, the entrys!



The rules are as follows: You can vote for 2 different sprites, but not your own. You may comment on the sprites, but only constuctive critisism IF it is done in a helpful way. aside from that, the voting will go for 2 weeks…so November 6th if im not mistaken 🙂 . see you there.

–Saint of Swords


19 Responses to "Sprite Contest Voting [edit]"

I’ll vote for the rather dashing scared up Black Knight with white hair.

And Syloc. (Her name is there because the other one didn’t have one, so I had to make a breif description.)

I’ll vote for the pirate chick and the black fang memeber with the hood

i’ll vote altina and special

black knight dude and assassin dude(thrid from the left on top)

I will vote for Pirate, because I think it is the best utilisation of the elements composing the mugshot and is the best-looking esthetically.

I wish the best of luck to all participants ^^

I’ll vote for the blacck knight 2nd round 4th across.

I vote for “Pirate” and “Special”.

I’d have to say Pirate and Syloc.

Look at pirate, it took my attention the moment I saw it. And then Yuith, because well, he actually looks different then the others, since the others are really just mainly splices and recolour. And his armour is pretty cool colour.

Syloc is awesome! Color of hair and eyes is done perfect…and it must’ve been hard to do that splice.
I dont like pirate. Nothing really special. I can easily tell thats Leila, and adding Fargus’ bandanna isnt that hard to do. But putting Tana’s braids and everything on Ursula’s body must’ve been tough…

So yeah, I vote for Syloc and lucilla ^^

Syloc here and the crazy unhelmed black knight

Syloc is beast :] I vote for Syloc and Arina! 😀

syloc and altina

the pirate and altina are my votes!

Bershi & Vivette no voting for your own.. i can see your IP adress you know… you also get a strike for double names and breaking the rules of the sprite contest

the orange-haired pirate. the parts are put together seamlessly which is what we go for.

“Vivette” is my sister’s name, who shares this computer with me. She must have found this website in our web history, and I showed my sprite to her earlier. Idk if she double-commented, but thats her. If you would delete the comment? I dont want her to make it unfair to other people. Sorry if I confused you -_- I’ll ask her about it, just to be sure. But she might deny it, becuz she is a little liar. Anyways…yeah. Sorry, again.

Sorry about my long absence. I think I will vote for Pirate and Syloc. I think all of them are very well done, but they are my personal favorites

Dude! I sure hope there’s another sprite contest soon! I’ve made like eighty million in the past week! :] And there’s one that’s my personal favorite…in my collection, that is. Here, I like altina and special.

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