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Earlier in the series these two were almost identicle, save for a differance in defence growth/caps and resistence growth/caps. But as the series has changed, they are now their own units, with their own advantages and weaknesses. So which one is better? And why? Vote now! Bare in mind that this pertains to all games, and all promoted classes of the same type.


I haven’t written an article on here for awhile now…so how about I continue my morph series? This time I will be looking at my favorite morph after Limstella, Ephidel, Kishuna, Renault, the sniper guy, and Dorcas , Sonia.

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I just got done uploading the Shadow Dragon official art that i’ve been wanting to get up. Like with all the other games, you can post comments in each character’s gallery, but you are not allowed to discuss any major spoilers regarding the game or it’s characters.

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The Sekena RPG is now up. You are allowed up to 3 characters from your choice location within the world of Sekena, with whatever weapon and class you want ) . The story will be updated every week or so, but you can follow your own story as well. If you like role-playing, or know someone else who does, let them know and go try it out!


It’s time to decide the winner of the contest! Before that though, I would like to congratulate everyone on their sprites and wish you all the best of luck next time around 🙂 .

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I will anounce the winner of the Fire Emblem Blog Sprite contest tomorrow, but I thought I would get some fan stuff up before then.

I got some fan sprites up by Isaacrs2001 and Toshi17, as well as a Stat Sheet by Toshi and one from…me!

–Saint of Swords

Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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