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Morphs pt2: Sonia, the Megalomaniac

Posted on: November 24, 2008

I haven’t written an article on here for awhile now…so how about I continue my morph series? This time I will be looking at my favorite morph after Limstella, Ephidel, Kishuna, Renault, the sniper guy, and Dorcas , Sonia.

Sonia is one of Nergal’s most powerful morphs, if not for the sole reason of her controlling the powerful Black Fang assassins. She does so by means of her husband, the Black Fang leader Brendan Reed. Reed’s sons, Llyode and Linus, both doubt Sonia’s intentions…and rightfully so. For Sonia orders the Black Fang on behalf of Nergal himself. One such order is to hunt down and kill Eliwood, an order she gives to the powerful “Four Fangs” . This, of coarse, fails in the end. But we’ll cover that later. Sonia is unique from all other morphs in that she thinks of herself as, or rather believes she is, a human. Because of this she has a very large ego, and thinks herself above all the other morphs. She believes she was chosen by Nergal because she was a quote “perfect human” .


Many years before Sonia infiltrated the Black Fang, she joined Nergal in a mission to steal the secret of the dragons. This secret was well protected by a group of powerful Etrurian mages. Sonia, however, used their human emotions against them, and took one of their children hostage. With a child held hostage, the family was powerless to defend themselves, and quickly destroyed, all but the child. Sonia would have killed the girl as well, if it weren’t for Nergal’s order. Nergal told Sonia to raise the girl, Nino, as her daughter, as he thought she may be useful later on. Sonia was against this idea from the start, but had no choice but to obey her master. As Nino grew older, however, Sonia became more and more sure of her initial thoughts about the girl; that she was useless.

This chapter of Sonia’s “life” suggests to me that she is one of Nergal’s oldest morphs, for a few reasons. The first being that she was the only morph who helped Nergal steal the secret of the dragons. Sonia hardly seems like the ideal morph to bring along if Ephidel and Limstella existed at the time. Her brash attitude and complete arrogance might have very well led to disaster. On the other hand, Nergal may have known her cruelty would be the key to an easy victory, or perhaps he simply deemed the mission to simple to involve his more powerful morphs in. Another reason is simply the time factor…that must have been almost 14 years before the story of Blazing Sword…whether Nergal had morphs at this point is hard to say.

The Four Fangs consist of the following members: Lloyde, Brendan Reed’s oldest son, Linus, Reed’s youngest son, Ursalla, Sonia’s loyal servant, and Jaffar, Nergal’s Angel of Death. All four are ordered to hunt down and kill Eliwood of Pharae. At the same time, or around the same time, Sonia has accepted a mission from the king of Bern. The Black Fang are to assassinate the crown prince, Zephial, before his coming of age ceremony. In doing so, the king’s daughter will become the heir to the throne, instead of his wife’s son. The Black Fang are to leave behind a scapegoat as well, to prevent suspicion. Sonia gives this mission to Nino and Jaffar, and tells Nino she will be a better mother to her if the mission succeeds, telling her she will even stroke her face. With that, Ninovows to succeed. Sonia gives Jaffar a specific order, however… he is to make Nino the scapegoat, saying it will be the most useful thing she’ll ever be able to do. After Jaffar objects, Sonia reminds him that Nino wants to do anything to please her mother, and that her dying will please her more then her living ever would. She also reminds him that he serves Nergal, and that Nergal doesn’t give second chances to failures.




On the day of the assassination, Nino overhears the prince as he prays for his family to come together again. Overwhelmed by the similarity between them, Nino tells Jafar she cannot assassinate the prince. She tells him that she always trys to please her mother, but nothing she does ever works, and that Zephial is no different. She tells Jaffar to kill her, but to please spare the prince. This, it would seem, was as much as Jaffar could handle, and with that he took Nino to flee the castle. Ursalla is there, however, and she sentences the traitors to death. Jaffar tells Nino to flee though, and that her life, unlike his, is worth saving. Later on, Nino tells him she doesn’t want to leave him. With help from Eliwood’s team, Ursalla is defeated, and the two join Eliwood.

That night, Nino tells Jaffar (having failed to sneak past him) that she wants to speak with her mother, and confirm if what she heard from Ursalla was true…that Sonia ordered her death. Jaffar warns her that she would not be swayed, but agrees to take Nino to the water temple anyways…the base of the Black Fang. Around the same time, Sonia receives a message from Limstella, telling that Nergal wants her to hunt down and kill Eliwood herself. Brendan Reed walks in on the conversation however, and Sonia is quick to blab of her true allegiance to Nergal, as well as her plan to replace the black fang. She also feels the need to clarify on a few things, like that she never loved him, and that she found their time together loathsome. Reed attacks her, but is not strong enough to kill her. He is defeated and his quintessence harvested by Limstella. At that time, Nino and Jaffar arrive at the temple, and are met by a frantic witness, Jan, who trys to warn the two of Sonia, but…Sonia is right behind him. By some miracle he manages to escape, and Sonia, on a role today, reveals to Nino that she is not her true mother, but rather the person who slaughtered her family. Jaffar tells Sonia he will be the one to kill her, but before the battle starts, Eliwood and friends arrive, having heard Nino and Jaffar’s discussion before leaving, and following them. Sonia tells the group that she is going to personally kill them for harming her lord Nergal. She summons her “Black Fang” , and the battle begins. Filled with rage, Nino tells Sonia in battle that she will not forgive her, and that she knows she is not her mother…just a monster. Once the battle has ended, Eliwood emerges victorious, and Sonia’s pathetic world falls apart all around her. Limstella arrives to find Sonia beat and just clinging to her life. She orders the “wretched” morph out of her presence, but Limstella has a surprise for her. She tells her that morphs do not have quintessence to be harvested, and leaves her to die.

Sonia is actually a very interesting morph, despite all appearances. She almost has two separate personality’s, that she may not be able to control at will. When she is addressing the Black Fang, she talks with a sense of experience, sounding calm and in control. When she is in Nergal’s presence or that of a morphs, however, she takes up a very childish and arrogant attitude, seeming to love herself more and more with every word that leaves her lips. Whether this was a flaw in her design by Intelligent Systems, or by Nergal, is hard to say. It is highly plausible to assume she was one of Nergal’s first morphs, and because of his inexperience she turned out sloppy. Perhaps she struggles to keep herself in control of her emotions, and that that very personality is the one she was meant to have at all times. But so little is known about the morphs that it cant be said for sure. If we knew how exactly a morph is created, save the obvious, we might be able to come to a more clear conclusion. If morphs take on the attitude of their former quintessence’s host, it might very well be that Sonia was once a beautiful and/or self-centered human, and that that memory never left her. Upon her creation as a morph, her personality may have been altered, resulting in the mess that is Sonia.

–Saint of Swords


12 Responses to "Morphs pt2: Sonia, the Megalomaniac"

One Word: Cruelty.

But still, she is interesting. I never knew that much about her. Good article. Very detailed.

good article.. i never noticed the 2 personalitys she has. Yeah, She was probally the 1st (successful) one to be made. She probally saw the other be created and concidered herself different from them

Wow…. Makes me get the game a lot more. Then again, never played it! My sis is supposed to get either Blazing sword, or sacred stones for christmas…. not that far away! But still, to me, she just looked like an ego-maniac. Now this proves my suspicions, while it also tells me much more! Poor Jaffar at first. And Nino! Must’ve been hard on her. Yet she’s still the cheery little kid we all love!

Cool. There’s alot I didn’t pick up on about Sonia, so now I’m gonna have to play Blazing Sword again and see what all I missed 🙂

Again, great article Saint. I never noticed the split personality, either, but I do see it now. Didn’t Nino have a brother that Sonia killed, too? I seem to remember hearing (er, reading) that… Then again, I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

Yes, she mentions his name in her A support with Canas:

NINO: That’s my mother and father. I’m in the middle. The ones on the side
are my twin brothers.
CANAS: …What a lovely family.
NINO: Yeah. And their names are printed there, see? My father’s name is Juge,
and my mother’s name is Iris. And that’s my brother, Kai. Thanks to
you, I know their names now.

I wonder how stupid Sonia felt when she found out she was a morph. Or rather, if she ever accepted the fact before she died.

I would like to know why, if Sonia was the first created, Nergal’s first morph is so…shapely…
Sorry, perverted rant, but anyways, cool account of Sonia’s life.

I think the answer to that is obvious.

Really, I didn’t mind Sonia. She’s evil, yeah, but she’s not the kind of villain that makes you sick. Not like Valter, or Trooper Cuu from Gaunt’s Ghosts. Those two you just HATE.

Valter’s cool though because he’s insane, thus giving him an excuse to do the things he does. Sonia isn’t insane…she’s just a cruel egomaniac. Plus she made poor little Nino’s life miserable…what’s not to hate about that?

shes the type that makes me sick =P (cant kill her enough) in addition to Ninos, theres Lloyd and Linus’ lifes too

yeah. she messed up a lot of lives. Nino excluded, I think she did the worst things to the Black Fang. Before her, they were heroes who brought down corrupt royalty. With her they were bent to the will of Nergal. I think that if you didn’t have to kill Lloyd and Linus, they would have reformed the Black Fang after you beat the game.

And Brendan’s…and Jan’s…and everyone else who had to put up with her. It’s almost worth playing again just to kill her.

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