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Poll: Pegasus or Wyvern?

Posted on: November 26, 2008

Earlier in the series these two were almost identicle, save for a differance in defence growth/caps and resistence growth/caps. But as the series has changed, they are now their own units, with their own advantages and weaknesses. So which one is better? And why? Vote now! Bare in mind that this pertains to all games, and all promoted classes of the same type.



13 Responses to "Poll: Pegasus or Wyvern?"

overall i perfer peg. knights. i like the fast weak ones best (florina, thanny) i do like wyverns too(heath, zeiss) but peg. knigts are more usefull for me

I have a thing for giant, scaly flying things.

The Peg. Knights have my vote. They a far more useful in my games =]

wyverns. they have the added weakness of magic but they’re speed can overcome that if you work ’em hard enough. cormag and heath have both done me a great deal of good

Ooh this is tough, well I guess it depends.With people like Florina, I say Pegasus, with people like cormag or haar. I say wyvern.

It’s pretty diffcult, with Florina and Tana they’re pretty good.
But in the other hand as Wyern Riders we got Cormag and Heath.

But I picked Wyern Riders, still Pegasus Knights are great.

Call me weird, but I’d say Pegs because the Wyverns are a little redundant. Seriously, they’re all the same, it seems: some deserter who gets great str, def, and spd with terrible res. Plus, the Triangle Attacks are always helpful, given I get a chance to actually USE them.

Was die schiesse? The site theme is gone!

Whoa, Sos what happened? The site has gone all white and pink!

Wyverns for me.

And Tia, Saint of Swords changed the WordPress theme he had. I might say the gallarys are much better then before.


I am not another person because I posted up there with a different avatar ^ . Just to inform you, that’s my offline avatar. I’ll try my best to stay online for now on. Thank you.

For me, this is a hard one. Based on personality, I would probably pick Pegasus Knights, but stat wise I think Wyverns have gotten much better. If you asked me “Which is better in Blazing Sword” I would say Pegasus Knights, but if you asked me “Which is better in Radiant Dawn” I would say Wyvern Riders. So, tuff call. and since I can’t vote I don’t really have to pick 😛 .

On that note however, wyverns are up 61 to 39 .

for me I always like Pegasus knights, because I like the three sisters, or three pegasus knights a game, so interesting lol. Then because in Radiant Dawn, just look at Elinicia’s pegasus knight. It’s so cool in the battle animations.

I also like pegasus knight’s resistance to magic, because later in FE games there are more magic users. Wyvern knights trade in there magic defense for regular defense, which is very good,

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