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Posted on: December 15, 2008

FE Blog is having another contest! This time its a avatar making contest.

The theme: anything nintendo. The size for your entry is 100 x 100. Your only allowed to enter one entry.  And it must be your work.

Your entry must be entered by Dec. 22nd.

Send your entry to

Note: This isnt a sprite contest, you must work with a real image

~Dark Priestess


16 Responses to "Avatar Contest"

Ohhhh. Anything, nintendo? Time to go find some fun….

I will participate.

Meh, MSPaint is thew worst prgram for this ever. And I don’t feel like downloading a different one.

Maybe you aren’t skilled enough. Microsoft Paint Shop Pro. is an excellent program to use. It takes talent to know how to properly use a program. Whether you have that talent or not, don’t take it out on the Program. So people are good at other programs I suppose.

>< paint shop pro isnt microsoft

!? Excuse me? Well then…I suppose you can’t have talent if the program is utter erm…let’s forget about this.

This’ll be fun. =D

But what nintendo should I do… And 100×100?

Oh good. So Nintendo like Mario and Luigi or other Nintendo connected characters ( Sonic for example )

it has to be just nintendo, not a multi platform game

is it cool if i use something I’ve made before the contest was posted? What I mean is…I have this awesome Limstella avatar…its 100×100 :D….is it cool if I use it? Its my work, btw.

Yes, if it is your work, and it is not copywritten, then you are allowed to send it to It is common sense for this contest.

for future referances, since i started the contest, you should let me take care of the questions SL..

is it a sprite or her official art?

Just wanted to let everyone know that there are only 2 days left before the contest entry ends, and I will not be taking late entrys.

It is Limstella’s official art. Why?

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