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Posted on: December 18, 2008

As strange as it may sound coming from the admin of a Fire Emblem site, I just haven’t been in the mood for Fire Emblem lately. It may have something to do with how many times I’ve played each game, but the fact is I just can’t get myself to pick up the game and play it. Ofcoarse you could just say it’s MY fault, but I’ve been thinking; maybe the series needs something more then new skill systems or a few added swear words (that EVERYONE has to try out atleast once 🙄 ) . Maybe it needs a new feel.

So far, and to the best of my knowledge, every game in the Fire Emblem series has been based in what appears to be a Medieval European setting…complete with straw-roofed houses and horse drawn carts. The dialogue used by the characters also backs up this claim, especially when you look at characters such as Matthew from Blazing Sword. Weapons and armor also have a Medieval European look to them. While this is not a bad time to base a game on, far from actually, I can’t help but feel 10 games based around it are a bit too many. And though the gameplay works excellently with the theme, it could work just as well with others.

The first option I’ll cover is a Japanese based one. By adding a Eastern theme to the game, you could breath new life into areas and locations that have become somewhat redundant. Take a look at Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the only stage from the Fire Emblem series is….a castle. Just a castle, albeit it does transform over time. But my point is there is no clear indication of which game of the series it is based on. THAT is how much the castle is used in Fire Emblem. In a Japanese based Fire Emblem, however, the castles would have a much different feel to them, as both the design and materials used differ greatly between a European castle and a Japanese one.  With a change like that, the castle could remain the place to be, without boring the player to death. Weapons would be easy to redo…Japan had it’s own unique style of weapons…ranging from long bows to katanas. And though it would get very sickening if every character had to be addressed with a -kun, -sama, or -chan at the end, it would be a lot more refreshing then having to hear “Lord” or “Sir” for every character who is remotely noble. To be honest, however, I do not think they would keep the Japanese terms since very few people would know their meaning, and even less would be able to keep them straight 😛 . Classes could either stay the same or adapt to the feel. For example, Soldiers could just have their sprites redone to a more Eastern looking style, where as Knights could be changed into Samurai, who were the famed warriors of Japan. Thieves could simply be changed into Ninjas, as they played the role of thief quite often. Brigands and Bandits? Pirates? No reason they cant stay. They are examples of completely unaffected classes. Wyvern Riders would simply have to change their names to Dragon Riders or something similar, as dragons play a large role in Eastern myths and legends. Upon promotion, classes like the Samurai or Ninja could simply turn into their real world counterparts. For example, the Samurai would turn into a Bushi (meaning Noble Swordsman) and the Ninja into an Assassin.

Another theme would be that of classic fantasy. Since fantasy really started picking up in the very time Fire Emblem is set in, there is no reason it wouldn’t work. Infact, almost every aspect of the Fire Emblem world could remain intact…only needing a slight remodeling. Weapons and armor would only need to be slightly stylized to fit the theme…perhaps something as simple as making bows more forest like and swords more slender? Forests and mountains would be given a more brighter feel, imbued by the planets magic. Classes such as the Knight or the Archer could be elf-ified a bit, especially in the case of the Archer, who wields the Elf’s favorite weapon. Mages and Shamans (the later being renamed “sorcerer” most likely) would fit perfect into the now magical world, not even NEEDING to be redone. And what about Fire Emblem’s favorite plot starter, the Dragon? Even more so then the mages, Dragons would fit perfectly in a fantasy based world. Much like Japan, Dragons played a large part in most every fantasy story, playing the role of the antagonist. Though they wouldn’t need to be evil, it would be that much easier to bring them into the plot. They could even be used as a new race or even class, as many sorcerers are said to have had dragon blood. Dialogue would benefit the most here, dropping the overused”knave” , “bah” , and “blackheart” , without picking something new up, as seen in the Japan theme.

And finally, the option that will most likely get the most criticism…a world without a theme. Though even I would have my doubts about it, I would like to see Fire Emblem put in a world that isn’t premade, and see what the makers can make on their own. As a result, I cant add my input on it, but hey! If I could it would be defeating the purpose!

One thing that all of these idea’s share in common is how they would affect the characters. Not everyone would need to have slanted up eyes for a Japan based game, or Elf ears in a fantasy one, but the option would be more accessible. Clothes would also be affected, as well as hair styles and even eye colors. I wouldn’t want every game to take on just one theme and stick with that though, I would like to see something different every time. And there you go. Feel free to post your thoughts and ideas here as well 🙂 .

–Saint of Swords


22 Responses to "A New Feel"

JAPANESE theme? How about all of asia. It sounds alright. I think China would be more interesting than Japan.

I think what they should do is give a choice for the player which kingdom or whatever to pick, and the story goes there; like 4 stories you can choose from. It would be of epic proportions O_O

anyways I agree too much medieval stuff, they should go down 1000 years. Hey Middle eastern would be cool too, wearing turbans and stuff, yes.

Firstly, The worlds do not follow a single theme. If you look at the different countries their cultures very greatly. This is especially apparent with SS. Jehanna is like a middle eastern country, their clothing and building styles are very different from say, Rausten.

As for the different Hair styles, clothes, etc. they already have all that. Rath’s clothes and Lyn’s clothes ar enothing like Hector’s or Eliwood’s. And even the clothes of Bern look somewhat different from the others. The world’s have a fair amount of variety already.

good article. i agree. fantasy would be the coolest. ide love to see some elfs, dragon people and maybe fairies ^_^

the japanish one would be cool too. your lords sure would be interesting

“I think China would be more interesting than Japan.”

Maybe. But you have to remember that China’s history can be broken down into seperate sections, making it a little too specific for Fire Emblem.

There IS variety, but its limited to within a single theme. Ostia and Bern both have different types of armor, but its medieval armor all the same. Jehanna and Sacae are different from the rest of their respective worlds, but they still live in a medieval world. In the end, you could put aliens or vikings in the games (which would be cool) but it wont change the fact; they live in a medieval world, and its getting old.

I concur. I have noticed the disruptive and overly repeative, “Sir”, “Lord”, or even “Milord” or “Milady”. Such things…really get old. Changing the original style of the game would be certainly interesting. Yet…Fire Emblem is based of Castles, Barons, Medieval Melee Weapons, et cetera, et cetera–so ultimately, Nintendo just wouldn’t care for a new look- or style for that matter.

A Fire Emblem game based some state other then Europe would be intruding; most likely make the fans beg for more. But as I clearly said above: inevitably, Fire Emblem will keep it’s medieval theme and most likely would not change it to anything else outside of Europe and such.

I disagree sl. what makes FE different from every other jrpg is how it’s portrayed, and thats why fe is very popular, cause its different from other RPGs. Sometimes going far being different is actually a bad idea. I don’t think a JP theme FE would be a hit, since many people would say it is not ‘Fire Emblem’ (it lost what made fire emblem, fire emblem).

The main concern I have with the Fire Emblem series (and many other series) is when there are multiple installments that appear to revolve around a similar circle. Gamers who buy every single game in the series may soon grow bored of the same thing over and over again. New tweaks and changes are welcome, for they add new angles to the game itself, but what about after a really long time? Do creators ever run out of “original” ideas?

Take, for instance, Pokemon. There are, what, how many versions by now? What makes gamers continue playing Pokemon? They all basically have the catch-Pokemon-beat-gym-leaders-and-become-champion plot. However, the newer games have more things to do, like Pokemon contests and double battles (or whatever its called, I forget).

Looking back to Blazing Sword after playing Radiant Dawn, I see several additions they have added to gameplay, like the laguz and the third tier classes. Despite that, I have found myself rather… disappointed with Fire Emblem. I wish the creators will indeed add more to the game, have some variety, let’s call it. They should not take away the, like what purplefinch said, Fire Emblem that makes the series what it is- Fire Emblem. I only wish for them to add more. Hopefully, Shadow Dragon will provide it.

Fire Emblem Fans would think of Fire Emblem differently yes, thinking of it negatively, no. See, they would no doubtingly thing that it is new, and they would usually want to try it out. If they’re happiness grows towards the new theme, it would encourage more fans to devote themselves to the series. A new look is a nice touch. And as Saint of Swords said, “By adding a Eastern theme to the game, you could breath new life into areas and locations that have become somewhat redundant.”

Thus, Fire Emblem is known far and wide for it’s title, however, a new look would be a nice touch for the fans. Of course, debates such as these aren’t exactly something I like to spend my time on. If there is no way of convincing you, then I will not try all day. As for it is meager compared to some other plans I have for the day. I mean no offense in this, but heated debates do not usually end ’til both debaters are frusterated. To my view anyway.

i think people would love a japan based game.. everyone likes ancient japan =P

ide like themed games. speaking of aliens, a space theme would be cool =D

For Fire Emblem? Maybe not that game. After all, Fire Emblem is made up of medieval times. Regardless, is it not what this Article is about?

I wouldn’t like it if it were based in Japan. I think it is perfect as it is, and so does Nintendo. Everything is so heavily influenced by Middle Ages Japan nowadays, I get enough of it from Anime and Manga.

I also think the idea of elves is bad. Every fantasy thing everywhere has elves. And it always ends up dealing with some kind of stupid racial discrimination war. Thats half the reason i hated Por/RD was because its all race based crap. They need to keep it limited to Humans, with the occasional Dragon-Child.

too bad none of you guys will play FIRE EMBLEM Geneology of holy war, which I might say is a good FE game. FE need to bring back the original man who made FE…too bad he probably never gonna come back.

Anyways, if you check the credits for Sword of seals-shadow dragon they contain atleast two of the same producer/executive producer and director. they need to get new directors possibly, they do not seem to be geniuses if they keep creating stories with dragons or a deep dark man at the end of the game.

Play geneology of the holy war/thracia if you can. Well actually thracia is just a gaiden to genology, doesn’t have a great story or developing characrers(same as shadow dragon unfortunately) but gameplay good.

Genology of holy war, as lot of people think of it, is gem of the fire emblem series…It is really good. The maps are huge, smalls cutscenes every time, your own characters have their own amount of gold. It’s amazing. andf it has the best FE music(to me) that isx actually you can never forget some tunes maybe. I hope Fire emblem can have another game like it =.= complex story and all that good stuff.

I have to agree with SN, we get too much of all that in just about everything else. I do indeed like it just the way it is, but I’m sure someone here (no names will be said) will tell me just how wrong I am. To be honest, I’ve even come to like the swear-subs that they overuse. I’ll occasionally call someone a cur or a lout.

Also, purplefinch, I am curently playing FE4 (In English!).

First of all the word im refering to is damn. Radiant Dawn fell in love with the word.

Second…take a look at the Fire Emblem series over the last few years. It isn’t doing good, and by the look of things the higher-ups cant think of anything new. We got Blazing Sword, which was a great game, and had all Fire Emblems been made like it, I personally think the series would have taken off in a good direction as far as sales go. But it was inspired by Sword of Seals…they didn’t just come up with it. Next we got Sacred Stones. The game had a very generic plot that never saw a twist. It ended in the most predictable way imaginable…the characters were stale, it wasn’t a horrible game, but it wasn’t good either. Next came Path of Radiance. We got yet another generic plot, once again revolving around a demonic god trying to break free and a crazed mad man trying to help it. what was the twist to this game? A race of emotional animal people. The next game? The SEQUEL to Path of Radiance, which ironically followed the SAME plot as Path of Radiance…only it ended more stereotypical then the last. And now were getting a remake of the first game. This doesnt look good to me, and I think the series will suffer if it doesnt take advantage of its tactical system and allow the player to go to new lands and raise an army in a place they’ve never been to before.

I do think a Japan based Fire Emblem would be a big hit…especially if it were portrayed historically accurate. Few people actually understand Japan’s history, and instead go on thinking they do as a result of poorly done anime/manga/movies/etc. Plus…westerners like Japan…lets face it. And on the topic of elfs, I dont see any reason they would be portrayed like the Laguz.

No, like I previously stated they need an entirely new production team, then they can become more creative.


Hiroshi Yamauchi
Takehiro Izushi
Tohru Narihiro
Kentaro Nishimura
Satoru Iwata
Hitoshi Yamagami

Most of these people worked since 2002(sword of seals released) all the way to 2008, so they basically can’t create anything more.

Like the Pokemon series. Look at the new pokemon in the newer generation. They look atrocious, I don’t even know what the heck they look like. Shapes all put together. They need a lot more new people with NEW IDEAS.
Remake is good to introduce to the western world where FE started.

In short:

Conclusion: NEW GAME.

Just like how Fire Emblem is a strategy game, BUSINESS is a strategy game too.

That isn’t a good enough answer. Infact it sounds more like a last minute resort. If you get to the position of production staff, you don’t just run out of ideas.

You know, perhaps give the game a Renaissace/Imperial theme.

Cavaliers can be Cuirassiers.

Soldiers can be Pikemen (in all the colorful clothing)

Archers can become Gunners…

Thieves can become Rakes… (A rake is the term for assassin during the 1700s-1800s)

Not to mention, the plot(s) can use some refreshing…

So far it just seems like this…

Characters defeat bandits.
Characters discover a darker power in the works.
Characters fight one country.
Characters find a new, crazier enemy. (Black Fang, Monsters, Army of the Goddess…..)

Characters unite and defeat final boss.

Perhaps we can play as the bad guys now?

What? you saying people in high authority can’t run out of ideas? Not everyone has genius minds, which they can create wonderful stories. Shouzou Kaga had that genius mind, and that’s why he made five games, and all were well, which made fire emblem a core of Nintendo.

With the same people they just think the same things, and if they can’t think of anything better in six years they really fail at bringing things to the fan. Good reason why we don’t have the same Presidents for a lot of years. (well.. it isn’t the real reason, another thing that is true why they limited the amount of years….thats another thing) We don’t have same presidents for a long time for alot of reasons, but also because if the presidents plan doesn’t work it’s time to take them out and put a new mind to help the situation.

[No politics…Strike 1]

I never said high authority. I said production staff. There is quite a difference between running a game and running a country. But this isn’t a topic about what to do with the staff, this is a topic about what to do with the theme.

i agree with purplefinch’s first comment about players being able to choose where the story takes place and having all different story lines it would make the game more interesting and have different cultures in the game but that’s just my opinion

I think an interesting twist would be that you can make your own character. I know that would pose some difficulties design-wise and plot wise, but the character you make could be the the tactician in FE7. You could choose one of say 5 personalities and supports with this character could be done with, say, a conversation tree with multiple choices. I mean, spriters make their own characters every day, it wouldn’t be too hard for the FE staff to make it work.

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