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Avatar Contest Voting [Update]

Posted on: December 23, 2008

Alright, it’s time for the voting on the avatar contest entrys. We asked everyone to send in a custom made 100×100 Nintendo themed avatar and see which one was the best. Here they are.

Update:  Congratulations to Sontaire, who is the winner of the FE Blog Avatar Contest, with Entry 6. It will soon be added in the hall of fame. Thanks to all who entered.

1 Entry 1

2 Entry 2

3 Entry 3

4 Entry 4

5 Entry 5

6 Entry 6

The rules are simple; no voting for your own, you can only vote once, and if you feel the need to input pointless and rude commentary about the entrys, please don’t, or else I will give you the Duke of Tanas punishment. Voting ends…December 30th…so in a week. The winner will have their name and entry put in the Hall of Fame.

–Saint of Swords


20 Responses to "Avatar Contest Voting [Update]"

Entry #4 I cast my vote on. Good luck to the rest of you participants.

I like entry #6 for looks, but for creativity, I’d say entry #5 is the best. That ones adorable, anyway!

Entry #6, I love Sonia. I would’ve done #5, but Sonia is truely a Goddess.

Entry#6,it looks like Zelda symbol but with an eagle looking thing under it

o shoot sorry i meant Entry#1

Perris… That’s not Sonia. it’s Limstella.

I vote for entry #6

Man, forget you all. I’m voting for #3.

I vote #6 cause I like the way Limstella looks and I think she is one of the few good villains out there.

#6, please. ^__^ The cropping was artfully done, and that magic is really nicely done.

I go with number 3 too because it ids interesting. Number 6 looks professional but it looks too much like those livejournal avatars that everyone wants to copy the designs of.

Oh wow… I applaud all participants for their wonderful submissions.

I vote for #5. 😀

by the way, I apologize, but can anyone explain entry number 4 to me? I don’t… get it…

Its a Zelda reference, thats all I know.

A Black Boe is a Zelda enemy found in Majora’s Mask.

Only 2 days left until the voting ends.

LOL MY BAD FE FROG! I totally had a mistrain of thought.

Entry # 5 I like that Boo

I vote entry #2. Samus pwns! ^^

hey Perris. you know that #6 has Limstella in it, not Sonia, right?

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