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Many of you may of realized the lack of activity on the blog lately. Ive been busy lately and found i dont have the time to properly maintain the site as much as ide like to. Because of this ive decided that ist in everyones best interest to temporarily put the blog on hold.  In three days all comments will be shut off. In the mean time i dont want to see links being exchanged. Its not like the site is shutting down, you can still visit the site as you normaly would so i see no reason to exchange links.

-Saint of Swords


Unfortunately, none of the suggestions made in the request article gave me any article writting ideas. So, I decided to go with a back up plan. Out of every character, be they from movies, games, or animes, you have ever seen, which 10 do you like the best? And if that doesn’t make things interesting enough, what is the order and why? Today you’ll get the chance to tell everyone!

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I know I may not have been around much lately, but i’ve been pretty busy. If anyone has any ideas or requests for my next article I write let me know here 🙂 . The article must be about the Fire Emblem series, but other then that you have a lot of room to work with.

–Saint of Swords