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10 Responses to "artur"

hes cute. favorite magey

It…it’s like a curly-haired Rhys! Whooaa.

I agree, other than the bit that their hair is the smae color. That’;s all. Artur looks nothing like rhys. But he’s awesome anyway!

Well like, the white robes with the blue…sash things and the brown boots. And, it’s hard to tell from this, but are not Artur’s eyes red too? I dunno, I find them very similar looking despite the fact I’m unsure of whether Rhys is wearing pants at all…

Well, thier clothes are sort of similar. But not thier faces.

Well yeah no, they aren’t the same person so… But seriously, lean back, look at Artur and honestly tell me he doesn’t bear a more than slight resemblance to Rhys.

Asseray…i read that totally wrong at first.

Ok, i admit now that he does look like rhys. Their faces and style of hair are one of the only differnemces. and i always thought rhys had blue eyes….

Rhys…would look very strange with blue eyes. xD I guess nice in a way…but I adore his eyes. So…red. =33 Same goes for Artur here now. =D

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