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4 Responses to "colm"

He’s cape is so cool all ripped and torn.

Colm is teh awesomness X]

NeimixColm 4evur!! I don’t get ColmxMarisa…if they were supposed to be romantically linked…they would have an ending.

I LOVE the cape! It would get in the way most of the time but it gets extra points for coolness. I agree Sontaire! They didn’t seem like a good match, unlike Colm and his weepy friend.

I like how to programmers throw us some obvious couples like ColmXNeimi, EliwoodXNinian, KarlaXBartre (I still don’t get that one), or LynXHector. Very cute.

Colm is awesome, if there’s something I promoted him between Rougue and Assasin, it certainly was Assassin bacause he has the silencer skill and can dodge many attacks.

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