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11 Responses to "eirika"

Doesn’t she have another official art thingy? The one on the game cover where her face is dead-on?

Meh. Oh well. Good unit.

I don’t know why, but I HATED her in-game pic. It just made her seem like she was falling over/leaning forward. Her face seemed so pained. Must be a bad back…

She’s a good unit though, if a little weak.

I think her in-game is meh. Its pretty, but she would look a lot better if her face was turned more towards you.

i think in the japanese version she had a different sprite..

One word


She has the same name as my sister! Just my sister is without the forst ‘I’. So it’s Erika!

………Wasn’t her OA different? Or am I just totally losing it? …….

I like this art more then her other one…the other one looks like she’s going to fall into the screen 😀 .

her battle sprite looks like she’s gonna fall over, let alone her OA

I wish the new art style would be kept like so. *Kicks Masamune in the shin*

stop hating on the girl she can whoop all ya a!! lol
after all she is good a fencing

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