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11 Responses to "ismaire"

That’s one-of-a-kind clothes there! Kudos to her!

Ha. She rocks, and she’s a cool unlockable, plus I love the outfit. However, before I quit playing that one I noted that she was the weakest unlockable character. Bummer.

She may be weak but strength isn’t the only thing that makes a character.

I agree with Shadow Luigi. It doesn’t matter how strong, fast or skilled each Fire Emblem character is, it is how you prepare them for battle. If Ismaire was facing a Level 10 Cyclops with 60 Hit Points, she could easily defeat him with a Killing Edge or even a Legendary Weapon. All I’m saying as one of the many Game Masters (if existed) is that it is how the player stragigies the situation, not the equipment or stats.

So I’m trying to get Ismaire, i beat the Valni Tower (all 8 floors) and I still can’t unlock her?

Any ideas guys? What did i do wrong?

Did you win the game yet? I think you have to keep finishing the tower multiple times before you can get her.

I got her. I never finished the tower. You jus thave to beat the game a certain number of times.

I think she looks like Ashera.

She does, actually. Kinda weird now that I think about it…. Oh well. She’s pretty, but she’d be prettier IF she was smiling. Maybe…

More like Ashunera, I think. Hmh.

i like the sad look she has. and she kinda does look like Ashunera

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