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7 Responses to "knoll"

Ohhh! He’s cool looking! Wonder how he gets around in that cloke. 😉

knoll is is sick but diffrent than i imagened assome cloke

He’s cool. I feel bad for him though. What if he ever gets lost in a desert or something? Poor guy…

Hm, good point.

I have a theory that Knoll only wears that cloak because he’s self conscious about his thighs.

Maybe, or maybe he has some serious kenkle issues….whatever it is, that is still one kickass cloak.

hes the perfect image of what a shamen should be

no he got a bad sun tain that’s why he hide behind a cloak lol
no seriously he live most of his time in the underworld until he was summon out by Dussel to open the seal well that’s t all ya get its an extar story in the game you have to unlock it without having none of your character dead lol …well ppls this sucks eventualy u cant protect every one in a war
such is the fate of soldiers.

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