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12 Responses to "larachel"

I love L’arachel! She’s so bubbly and cute…and she’s obsessed with gambling in her conversations with Joshua, its hilarious! “I don’t need luck, I have faith!” “Faith, hm? Is that why you keep winning?!” bahaha :]

Those were funny. I like all of her conversations.

She’s so pretty! And she reminds me a lot of Serra from FE:7, who was one of my favorites from that game…they ARE scary similar though, right??? Female noble priestesses who are egotistical and naiive…have tons of couple possibilities, including an uptight boy (Erk for Serra, Innes for Larachel)and a thief (Matthew for Serra and Rennac for Larachel). Hm. I think the FE gamemakers may be repeating themselves ;]

Well, it’s a hysterical combo! Rennac is creepy, but Matthew is the best and his supports are funny…

Serra: Do you think anyone has left some vassels lying around??

Matthew: Not…Bloody…Likely. XD

And L’Archel is an awesome unit. She always maxes everything for me.

Well yes, Rennac is a tad creepy. But he does remind me a lot of Matthew, and Innes and Erk are somewhat alike, save for the fact that Erk was driven insane by Serra and Innes actually ENJOYS L’Arachel’s company in their supports…meh. Plus, Rennac is creepy in the good way. Idk if thats even possible, but he is.

OMG! Are you peeps kidding me? Rennac is awesome! One thing about L’Arachel, why is she a blonde in here, but have icky green hair in her sprite? And that green is so ugly! Puke green…. Ugh.


L’Arachel’s hair is son-of-a-biscuit AMAZING! Why does MArisa have purple hair? Why does Eirika have blue hair? Why does Dozla have forest green hair? Why does Ishmaire, Tethys, Ewan and Joshua have that weird red hair?? And WHY does Innes have white hair??? THEY HAVE WEIRD HAIR COLORS! …Rawr.

Hers is one of the best officials for FE:SS, next to Myrrh’s and Lute’s.

In my FETSS she has all the stats at the max point GO

well sry peeps! I was really jsut wondering why in here her hair is blonde, yet in her sprite its green. Cheez…

i think she calls herself the green haired princess in one of her supports

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