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13 Responses to "lute"

is she staring at a rock? Lolll…but she’s so cute! Cute Lute! ^^

Back off. She’s mine.

I wish she were more of a main character… she has tons of funny support convos! I also love her clothes!! One of the best Fire Emblem outfits by far!! ^^

How old is she supposed to be?

ide guess around 16-17

she has cool clothes

I love her!! She’s my magic tank for the whole game! I just love Artur too… they’re so cuuuute together!

She’s an absolute goddess in my game. She is my perfect anti-tank unit, with high Speed, high Defense (yeah, I’m serious), and high Magic.

Oh yeah. Totally.

Actually, now that she promoted, she kills everything, with massive stats all over.
Her Defense is better than all my other units!

Maybe it’s a chemida beetle she’s looking at.

Well who cares what she’s looking at?

Lute is ador-ee-ble! X3 And her outfit is teh awesomness. Her supports with Artur are classic! I love the ArturxLute couple…doesn’t she like stalk him? XD

Cute! I like her, and she has a funky name!

Artur is one lucky son of a gun…

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