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He looks like he has rather puffy clothes on. To bad he’s so unfortunate with the stupid Demon King and all.

hhmmmmm,….you know something? lyon is kinda cute, and yeah. i feel bad for him cus of the Demon King. What are the odds right?

yeah hes really cute = (

well i hope you dont find him cute. I was under the impression you’re a GUY!!!

As a young woman i find him adorable, in the help-me-i’m-a-beaten-up-puppy type.

I know, right? Lyon is soo adorable! You just want to hug him like he’s a little boy!!

im a girl btw ^^’

Really? I’m sorry! I thought I read once that you were SoS’s little brother! I am so sorry about that!

Although it explains the Matthew bit! LOL

Shadow Luigis Saints little brother, but its no problem : >

i really wish lyon didnt have to die.. their should of been a secret good ending like allot of games have.. or maybe a 2nd playthrough thing like Pelleas

I agree, it would have been nice. I mean, he and Erika would have been cute together. They both come off as the helpless type.

(previously MT)

yeah.. too bad

May I take a moment and once again apologize for thinking you’re a guy? This is off topic (sorry lyon…) but i do like your new name!

I love Lyon so much. I’m so glad you can get him afterwards though. I wish he wouldn’t have died. But I’m obsessive so i got him thru the lagdou runins X_X

How do you get him?!?! I’m obsessive, too, so I really want to know!! Anyone, help?

he’s my favorite character, and i was SO sad when he died… *sob* both sides were really sad when he died… (eirika/ephraim)

You get him byu beating the Lagdou Ruins 3 times, but it doesn’t seem worth it. I can only beat it once, before it gets to me, and I go crazy.

Thanks, I’ll try that… let’s see if I can be that patient; the first three floors take me an HOUR to beat… TT_TT

Ahhh…The Prince of Despair

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