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7 Responses to "moulder"

Hehehe moustache….hehehe he’s funny.

I never use this guy, I don’t know why. I’ve never had much use for the healers, even though I use Natasha, I mainly wanted her to become a bishop.

Moulder’s high constitution is his only selling point and by god, it’s a big one.

Ugly as hell… er… heck, if you ask me. I do NOT like him. Just don’t.

MARIO-ulder! His moustache is so MARIO! There’s a picture on deviantart of Moulder that is frickin hilarious…just search “Moulder,” you should find it.

OMG He’s looks JUST LIKE Mario xD

He’s an interesting guy, I just think for some reason he levels up slower than Natasha. Plus I don’t really like him as the class he is. Now a male pegasus knight or wyvern rider… I could see that. Or a monk. Seriously. Otherwise, he pwns.

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