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FE Blog Rules

Please make sure to follow these rules. If you break the same rule multiple times, or break multiple rules enough times, you will be given a strike. You will be temporarily or permanently banned if you receive 3 strikes.

1.) No profanity. Mild language is fine in moderation.
2.) Do not post indecent, unethical, or illegal content.
3.) Do not discuss politics, religion, or race.
4.) No advertising without an admin’s permission.
5.) No mini-moding…contact the staff if you see a problem.
6.) Respect the site, staff, and its members.
7.) Stay on topic.
8.) Put a warning in your post if it contains major spoilers, but do not post major spoilers about Shadow Dragon.
9.) Have fun, and don’t take everything too seriously.


If you follow these rules, everyone should be happy  🙂 .

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