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7 Responses to "florina"

Florina is wonderful, one of my favorite characters in the game, my strongest and one of the first I promoted(After Wallace of course).

Not to mention how pretty she is, one of the most prettiest one in the whole Fire Emblem series.

Her hair’s a little… Poofy, though. And why don’t the sisters lookm all that much alike? Navy to teal to lavender…. I don’t get it!

I haven’t even finished the Blazing Sword–ordered it off ebay not too long ago. So Florina’s got sisters, eh? I believe I know them…Fiora and whats-her-face, yes? Yeah, forums are fun places. Heard a lot about this peggy and I like ‘er; excellent unit though yes, her hair is so poofy it’s all I can see. I disapprove of her pairing with Lyn. Very much.

she probally has really thick hair, (like i do)

i dont see the big deal with their ending

‘When her grandfater died, Lyn asked that Caelin be taken under Ostian protection. She set out for Sacae with her friend Florina. Though Florina returned to Ilia, their friendship lasted forever.’

i see them as sisters

Well sure, the ending wasn’t harmful at all but the fans of the world push it. And really, I’d never seen that ending ’til just now, as, like I said, I haven’t even finished the game. Eliwood’s part, a chapter called Whereabouts Unknown is my current position. Too many archers to bring Florina…

oh yeah, what the fans do to it -_- i get ya. yeah thats gross

whats happening in the plot? i dont remember which chapter that is. once she gets to be a higher level arrows cant hit her =D

Mm…Eliwood, Hector and company just joined up with Lyn to storm the Caelin (?) place where her grandfather is…or something like that… All the little rulers and castles get me confused. Not quite familiar enough with it all yet.

And yeah, I intend on making my Florina into a little goddess of war. >;D

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