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8 Responses to "limstella"

The only Morph that I wish were human so you could gain her as an ally

Can you imagine the power she would have? It would almost make the game too easy!

very interesting character. also one of the few FE women who aren’t endowed.

She’s actually quite pretty… for even human standards. Her in-game pic is a little….. um, stranger.

i love her in game pic. its so creepy looking. shes pretty though. kinda looks like idoun

Dude, she’s so sad though… Even if she can’t really have emotions. Actually, I hear she’s truly genderless. 0.o

Would make a great recruitable character, but would end up exactly like Renault.

all morphs are probally all genderless, since their artificial beings.. but she has a female form

Kinda… Creepy. They’re like snails! Or jellyfish…
Anyway… Is it just me, or do the morphs remind you people of cats too? It’s the eyes. it’s always the eyes.

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