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7 Responses to "matthew"

People say that he is the “greatest thief ever” btu I think Leagult takes the cake.

Leghault’s ok, but his presonality isn’t much. Matthew is a very funny and charming man, and the fact that he is a decent thief is a bonus. Besides, his supports are better. That’s why so many people like him Shadow!

OR it could be that he’s good looking…

Funny…charming? Good looking? Gimme a break…

He’s a whiny self-centered spunky character; whom I hate. He should have just forgotten about Leila all together. Sure, she’s dead, I’m prepaired for a sob story, but pu–lease.

What are you talking about? Matthew is awesome.

Since Jaffar killed Leila I made Matthew kill Jaffar.

Wait…how could Matthew kill Jaffar? Their both allies.

Well, not in the storyline, but in the Link Arena(Sorry for double posting).

You’re not double posting. You commented after mine, didn’t you?

Hah, Link Arena. Did you know if an Assassin uses Silencer against an enemy unit in the Link Arena, they instantly get 1 level up? I had Leagult in there and he was level 21 = o !

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