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zephiel and guinvere

Zephiel and Guinvere


12 Responses to "zephiel and guinvere"

So young, so innocent. *Sigh* Why did things have to turn out this way???

ahhh so cute!! Why, Zephiel? WHY?

So is there not a “High Resolution” version of this image? I just checked and can’t find one…

Guinivere is so adorable. =D

Zephiel, who knew he’d get so evil.
Guinivere, who knew she’d get so hot.

Ah, I need to pick up FE 6 to see Zepheil in all of his pwnage. And he has attack animations, Lo and Behold! I really need to get my hands on that game. On a side note, he would have made a great recruitable character in FE 7. I wish he’d had attack animations, too. Would have been a really good playable character.

I have it 😛

–wait a minute, isn’t this going off topic?

(My apologies for double-posting)

Awww! I love Guinevere! She’s adorable! But… i haven’t played either game (yet I have a vague understanding of ’em) Are they related or something?!

yeah, half brother and sister

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