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Alright, it’s time for the voting on the avatar contest entrys. We asked everyone to send in a custom made 100×100 Nintendo themed avatar and see which one was the best. Here they are.

Update:  Congratulations to Sontaire, who is the winner of the FE Blog Avatar Contest, with Entry 6. It will soon be added in the hall of fame. Thanks to all who entered.

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FE Blog is having another contest! This time its a avatar making contest.

The theme: anything nintendo. The size for your entry is 100 x 100. Your only allowed to enter one entry.  And it must be your work.

Your entry must be entered by Dec. 22nd.

Send your entry to

Note: This isnt a sprite contest, you must work with a real image

~Dark Priestess

I finally got around to updating the fan section of FE Blog. Sprites by KKcampy and Sontaire, in addition to a graphic by Alexander.Kluts. I decided to make a new page for Fan Graphics, since such things didnt fit into any category before : P .

In addition to that, i’ll be starting Sprite Contest II sometime this week. I havent thought of a theme yet, but im thinking of making it a free for all…allowing all the game’s sprites to be used. just something to look forward to.

–Saint of Swords

Now that everyone entered, I ask the members to vote for their favorite sprite!
Before we get to the voting let me go over the rules..

You may only vote once
You cant vote for your own
I perfer that you wait to say which entry is yours
until the contest is over.

Vote in this article, not the gallery
The winner will be declared July 1st!

By MatthewThief

Welcome to FE Blogs first graphic works contest!
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its the day you’ve all…well…probably forgot about. So let me refresh your memory; a week ago I asked as many of you that were interested to write a C through A support conversation between Jaffar and Serra. You would then be voted on to see who did the best, the winner receiving one of the Eight Generals legendary weapons.

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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