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Earlier in the series these two were almost identicle, save for a differance in defence growth/caps and resistence growth/caps. But as the series has changed, they are now their own units, with their own advantages and weaknesses. So which one is better? And why? Vote now! Bare in mind that this pertains to all games, and all promoted classes of the same type.


WP finally got around to adding a poll feature, so I thought I should test it out.

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even after losing my arm and leg trying to transmute human life, I- ….wait a minute……. even after slicing my thumb trying to open a bag of plumbing parts, im perfectly capable of writing articles. actually, for all those concerned…my thumb feels fine now 😕 . anyways its time for a poll:

Who Is The Most Mysterious Character In Fire Emblem?

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If you could be a monster from FE8 which would you be?

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Lightbringer here, time for a poll. What do you find harder to go against.. magic units or physical weapons?

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Hey its me MattewThief.

Me and Saint are having some big computer/internet problems lately, and we can only get on for a small amount of time before the internet conection dies on us..

so needless to say its going to take Saint little longer then normal to get a new article up.

So things dont get borring lets have another poll!

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Since the RD spoiler is now ca-put, I think I’ll make a poll based around it 🙂 .

Which Laguz Do You Find The Best?

[Update: the votes are up]

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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