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The Black Knight

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Why he always use Nihil ?

Yeah, its pretty stupid. Ike has Aether for no real reason. All he gets to use it on is random enemies’. Did you notice every Boss in the Tower has Nihil? Actually, they don’t have Nihil listed in their skills, but they secretly have it anyway!

its mantle i beleave

I don’t like him he’s an robs all the exp when you can’t control him :/ on the desert mission I had to get Skrimir Smite to push him away from stealing my chars exp.

I don’t like this guy…. But the guy underneath the helmet is hot! Old, but hot. Then again, he is a branded, so whatever. The Black Knight hmself is just a whatever charcter in my perspective, but Zelgius being him came as a big surprise when I read about it on Wiki before the game came out.

i inverted his color so its like a photo negitive and he becomes the white knight:)

Incase no one knows, The reason his armor blessing is gone is because of those massive tears IN his armor…Sad isn’t it?

A monster. Things aside, he is a beast, and if your characters are a little scrubby, he’s a huge asset. Incredible armor and strength, massive health, and astounding movment and avoidance for a heavy-armor unit. With Alondite’s extra range, he is amoung the best characters in the game. Aside from maybe Bane and Lethality, Eclipse is the most powerful skills, striping away a target’s deffense and dealing five times the damage.

And I did like his character disign. He made for a vey good villan, and his voice in Path of Radiance is just plain awsome!

he use to be so cool to me the fact that he’s Zelgius annilated his awesomeness

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