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8 Responses to "brom"

Ack, what a hick. Why did they bother to bring him back?

when did he start using an axe?

I know, eh? He’s a pthetic character, only important in the beginning of part II. I never use him otherwse. He sux. That’s all I have to say.

I can’t believe you people! Broms’s the best. I try to use him but I don’t want him to die because I feel so bad because he has a family back home T_T

Brom rocks! What is wrong with you people!? The second I got him in PoR, I had to use him. Epic. Yet more epic in RD! Seriously, love that blue cape with the light bronze armor. Very nice, Brom. You’d make the folks back on the farm proud! =3

Actually, thoguh I don’t own the game, I like this guy. He would make a promising promoted character. And look at his face! So comical! You shouldn’t have to worry about him dying if you level and rank him up decently.

he dont sux . he’s one of the best.

hey other than being a tank hes useless u should never bring him the tower of guidence hes useless

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