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9 Responses to "calill"

She looks like a real pill.

Meaning what?

Meaning she doesn’t look very nice

I heard if you use the Data Slot Transfer and get Calill and Largo an A Support, whatever Largo maxs in will automacially be transfered to her stats! Think of it, she gets a boost on her own, and she gets whatever Largo gets! I’m working on her next game.

Well, look who she lives with.

Calill would be a way better mage if she used Staves.

She does, if you get her to Arch sage.

Well like, in PoR, she uses knives instead of staves. And her knife skills leave much to be desired considering her lack of strength. Still bloody brilliant with magic, though. =D

I’m going to use her next playthrough. Mm…I wonder how she will turn out.

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