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5 Responses to "geoffrey"

Geoffery’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. and cute.

Geoffrey! I like that name…jaw-furry!!!haha! He used to be my favorite character…until I realized how cool Tormod looked.

Geoffrey looks less geeky on this picture then on his Path of Radiance one. Too bad he acts like some stuffy noble in Radiant Dawn and practically has no personality. Only, “Protect her majesty! By doing so I shall gladly offer myself as an martyr! Come stuffy knights of Cremia! Let us proceed with canon-foder!” Yeah, pretty much.

You’re pretty darn right, wiredo! I never pronounced his name like that. More Jeffrey. Geeze. When the dude said it on the game, I jsut laughed and made fun of that the rest of the way though. It’s stupid, if you aske me, just sounds stupid. And he is pretty stuffy! Whate does Elly even see in this guy, other than looks?

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