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11 Responses to "jill"

one of the best units you get

cute ponytail ^^ ! *rubs it*

I think jill is so amazing…by her beauty and her skills…

I love how she can battle almost everything. I feel bad for how she gets thrown in the middle of the plot though.

Yeah she’s really good when trained. Got number 1 spot in top kills with me at the end xD

Jill’s hot and a great unit. I love her with Haar, there support is great.

Jill is awesome, but I never really focus on her.

My Jill died in chapter 13 (I sent her out to get marcia who was carrying an injured rhys being on the verge of death herself and Jill was taken down by two hawks and eventually so were marcia and rhys) But i’m wondering if she ever stopped being well to be frank a *.

* Admin: no swearing allowed

Beutiful and Deadly. Stun is a killer, and the mobility of flight is always good. Plus i find her and Haar to be a good couple.

How do u get her?
I’m on chapter 11 and I still can’t get her
I already beat it once, and I just killed her =(
This time I want her

In Path of Radiance, dont kill her in the chapter that she’s an enemy unit in, and she will talk to Ike in the next chapter. In Radiant Dawn, she just has to survive the chapter that she first comes in.

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