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6 Responses to "marcia"

she’s like Edward. they both have a sunny personality.

Cuteeeeee! So adorable! I couldn’t help myself but work on her this game!

…I was playing Path of Radiance last night and, just for the fun of it, was basically boss-abusing Ena in Ch. 21 and like…forgot to heal Marcia before whacking dragon lady… Yeah, she died. And right after Marcia went I was planning to just let Ike take the kill and then Seize and be done. ….For the first time ever, I left someone for dead and went on. …Should I feel bad for this?

^Yes you should!

Nah, I’m kidding. When you put in too much work, it’s sometimes not worth resetting. I let Wendy die for that same reason (boy did I feel bad).

Of course, Marcia is my favourite PoR character, so I could never let her go.

Wendy…? I’m going to guess she’s from a GBA game…none of which I’ve played–gonna bid on one on ebay, though eventually. =3 Ahh, I really could have used Marcia on the Bridge chapter after the one with the priests…heh.. Honestly, of all the people I could have left dead, I’m very surprised–Marcia is a favorite of mine too. Mia still beats her by a long shot but… yeah, I forged Keiran a lance and named it Marcia.

Marcia’s spunky. I love how she basically abuses her vrother. And the nams she comes up for him? I would call my sister a cheezeating rat…

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