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6 Responses to "renning"

He’s kinda pointless. Why did they decide to bring him back anyway?

He’s got a cool horse.

He’s the only Paladin (He’s really a gold knight, but who gives a crap) with a black horse, but Titania pwns him.

Right, but he still has a cool horse.

@ Link:

I’ll have to disagree with you on that one. He indeed does NOT stink or have bad stats. He has a much better personality then Titania will ever have. And his stats, he could single-handedly beat the crap out of Titania. That is unless you gave Titania every stat boosting item in the entire game…then that would be a matter of false stats. And as for looks all together he is way better looking then her. He’s probably the coolest Gold Knight in the game. Probably the only one with a real personality.

Is he a Sirius archetype, or an Oifaye?

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