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9 Responses to "rolf"

How old is he? 12? 13?

Rolf looks so epic in this picture 😀

wow he has grown up so much! I just didnt thought he would change so much…

I like him in Radiant Dawn. He’s a weaker faster Shinon.

I like him in both games, but I read in the Radiant Dawn he is stronger than Shinon but Shinon is faster, funny being as he’s a little kid and Shinon is a 30 year old man in Radiant Dawn.

Actually, I change my mind, Rolf is a brat. A quite disrespectful one at that.

Never cared to level him up to be good , Shinon is just as good as Rolf and comes at a higher lvl … For some reason he always makes me rofl though. What’s in a name …

Rolf is teh pwn. In the Execution cutscene, there’s a beautiful close-up on his new biceps. He’s grown up so much…*sniff* Ye,s but really, I find little boy to be quite good-looking now. Not sure what is is but…ahh, Rolf.

Yeah, the kid sure has grown up in three years, but hey, so did I.

Deaeye is one of the more redundant skills, becuase no one survivs the damage anyways. Still, it is usefull.

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