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8 Responses to "sanaki"

she looks a lot more mature then in PoR. 3 years really made a differance =D .

It does. Remember well how SL is now, and compare him to himself in three years. It’ll be a change.

Forget Ike and Micaiah and everyone, the entire game should have just been about Sanaki. ha… Cuz she can so kick Ike’s butt and make him cry and stuff. 😐

Yeah Ike is an bonehead. I’d like it if Ike was an enemy unit so I could shread him to ribbons! 😈

I haven’t play RD but you can really tell she’s a great unit and character, she’s awesome, and really pretty too.

A great unit…sure…I guess…decent…

But she IS a lovely helping of jailbait. Which is always fantastic in any gaming situation.

She kicked butt in RD. My favorite in the endgame. Cause I could tear the dragons to shreds with her Rexbolt. MUWAWAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah… Never focus on her. but she does help with ze dragons and killing weaklings and other stuff. She’s okay, i guess….

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