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5 Responses to "skrimir"

Grr…I can’t dread him. He aggravates me. And its all because they HAD to make a new Lion. -__-‘

Personaly, i hated him in the begining, but towards the end of -i think it was part three- he really matured.

Loved him the second I saw him. 😉 Loud, arrogant, doesn’t think, head full of hot air basically… Lurrv. He really did spruce up, though–I think it was most noted in the Part IV prologue where he showed the restraint to /not/ kill Naesala on the spot. xD
Love that awesome lion look too. Maybe I’m just odd but Skirmir is just bloody wicked in my opinion.

@ Phish_cakes – Hey, you’re not weird – I love Skrimir too. I always thought he was great : ) Anyway… what’s wrong with introducing a new lion? He’s actually got character, unlike some of the characters in the game.

Yesh, Skrimir=much win. =D And, aha…I don’t know what it is, but that buffed-out, smirking lion look is starting to look pretty hot. Cough. But seriously. Haven’t had a game where I haven’t used this guy…and I can’t be in denial anymore; it’s for the eye-candy. He could suck (but he rocks) and I’d still use him. x3

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