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He sure looks more mature. He was a good Archsage in my game.

WAS!? What happened to him!?

The true son of Almedha thats amazing

Quote: “WAS!? What happened to him!?”

He grew up, that’s what.

Okay, my brother keeps disagreeing with me that soren’s a guy, he thinks he’s a she!

hes a guy.. even if he does look and act like a girl

Soren is Ike’s little buddy.

I bet he’s secretly a dragon tribe Laguz, and he’s just
pretending to be a wind sage!!!!!!!

… Where’d you get that logic?

Ooops, I posted my comment in Rajaion’s area by mistake…

but anyway…

Soren is most definitely a dragon branded. In the epilogue to RD Almedha recognizes him as her own son, not Pelleas. And since she’s a dragon that means he’s a dragon branded. End of story, go to serenes forest if you don’t believe me.

Well fine then. Post a link to that seid, page for proof.

Okay, I’m an idiot; I posted my response on the wrong page YET AGAIN! but anyway…

there is the link, scroll down to Amrita’s Discovery at the near end of the page. 🙂 It shows how he’s her son!

thats weird.. it looked like they hinted at him being a cat… but he does look more like a dragon thinking on it..

how do you get that one anyways..? i wonder if pelleas and soren have a special support

I know, I thought he was a cat (no way he’s a lion or tiger, he’s just too small compared to Skrimir and Mordecai) since Ike’s scene with him said they were in Gallia. But Soren does look a bit more like a dragon, minus the orange skin they all have.

I don’t really know how to get the ending, but I got it on my second play through on hard mode. But it didn’t come up again on my 3rd play through (I was still in hard mode) so I think there are some pretty weird special requirements. From what I know you should keep Pelleas alive, and have Soren have an A-Support with Kurthnaga.

I know, I wonder if they have a special support, too…


they might have a special support cause i know if you make soren attack pelleas in the chapter before the goddess wakes up pelleas wants to ask him something about his branded mark

Really? I wanted to check to see if they could have their own base conversation or fight scene or something, but I ended up trying to see if Micaiah and Pelleas had an ending together, so the support with Soren kinda ended there…

I swear, the first time i saw him i thought he was a woman. A very flat chested woman…but his eyes are just so large…..

I know, right? I saw his picture in a magazine and i was like ‘she’s so pretty in her dress!’ whoops…

i dont think his official art looks too girly.. he does look pretty young

Soren’s stats are crazy. >.<‘ If you use the data transfer and he maxs in some of his stats at level 20, he’ll most likly max in Magic, Speed, Skill, and Resistance at around Level 12/15 in Radiant Dawn

I got the impression through my playthrough of RD that he was a branded, not a laguz (hence why he grew to hate laguz for having ruined his life due to the segregation) Yune makes a comment about “the boy that always follows ike everywhere” when she’s talking about Branded to Stefan.

Ok. Ypou peeps wanna know how to get the ending where SOren is Almehda’s son (did I even spell her name right?) If, in the endgame to part 3, you have Soren kill pelleas. Then, in the ending… Actually, I think you also have to have pelleas fight Sephiran/lehran, but whatever. Yes, actually you do. follow those two steps and you’re on your way to finding Soren’s mommy!

Soren is so amazing! I think his hair would get messed up more though, from the wind magic, or staticy from lightning/thunder. I love his brand mark… *le glomp* My official favorite Fire Emblem character.

i think he has his hair tied. his robes look heavy

Yes, it is. When you look at his battle animations in both games, you can see it’s tied back.
Anyway. Soren’s a little TOO scrawny. I mean look! He’s skinnier than Ilyana almost! But is she shorter than him? If so… That’d be a little creepy.

Skinny men are hot, darling. And really, look at those legs! I am appalled you can find complaints in that…

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