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10 Responses to "zelgius"

Mr. Stuffy Noble should be his real name. I think Zelgius is just a nickname. 😆

I hate him…he killed the black knight in a way Ike never could @@

yes. too bad. he does have a cool sword on his picture

The Black Knight didn’t need to be such a geek!

I find it strange for him to be the Black Knight.

All of a sudden the Black Knight isn’t so cool anymore ;__;

No he isn’t. He was only cool for awhile. Till he was just some random noble.

Really ? I like Zelgius ,he acts way different from when he’s the Black Knight , But still strong and feared by most 😉

Cheez. What a let down. HAs anyone ever noticed that when Zelgius fights Skrimir and Ranulf, he’;s using an iron sword? It’s weird.

zelgius being the black knight killed it i wish he was just the black knight

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