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8 Responses to "marth"

Kinda creepy looking… His sword is shiny though!

How is Marth creepy-looking? Marth is amazing! Though…okay, his pants are a bit…odd. Still, you have to love this emblem prince. =3

Just his face… and his pants. Those are creepy things! He looks even grouchier than Ike, so….. Whatever. At least he doesn’t look somewhat like a girl like he does in Super Smash Bros.

A…girl, you say? Marth, a girl, in SSBB? I plead difference here! Marth is the god of uber shmexiness in that game, make no mistake of it! And here…I dunno, to me, it actually looks like he’s sort of smiling. So, not grouchy. I must, however, agree with you on the pants.

Erg, I can’t take it any more this game HAS to come out in the US NOW!!!!!!!!!

i’m just glad he looks like a dude this time. NO MORE OF THOSE TIGHT PANTS!!!

Am I the only one to notice his sheath is about twice the size of his sword? At least this time he looks…slightly more masculine

Marth looks more ignorant and energetic on this display; in Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl his eyes are slanted up, and he looks more mature. And his hair is combed. I wonder why they, rather…HIM–decided to change his look. They made a change for the worse.

Ah, what an huge sheath! Well, he shouldn’t have any technical difficulties sheathing his sword. Am I right?

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