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7 Responses to "oguma"

GAAAH! Creepy alright! What’s upi with this guy?… And his BIG sword?!

Don’t diss Oguma here man. Oguma is the man, best merc in game.

*Disses him* (JK)

No really though, his official art looks creepy. How can such a strong, burly guy have watery girly eyes? Doesn’t anyone find that a bit awkward?

yeah, puppy dog eyes on this guy doesn’t work. at all.
this is one character who actually looked better in the old anime. along with navarre

Hmm… Well I guess it’s the watery eyes that gives him the ‘creepiness’. He looked a lot better in the anime tv show.

… Or in his original Official Art. I mean, anyone looks better then this guy. If his eyes and facial expression was changed, then maybe my negative opinion of him would lower.


atleast his ingame pic doesnt look so weird

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