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Sword AND lance? Hmm… At least she’s not an eyesore!

SKINNY! I draw your attention to Sheeda’s left arm. Her calves. And her waist. How does this girl expect to wield either of her wicked weapons? How is she /standing/? Sheeda…you’re very cute, but anorexia is bad. Baaaad.

True. SHe’s tinier than my friend, who’s as tall as me (I’m about 5’3”) and she ways under 70! Sheeda is pretty thouhg. Is she a peggy? Or soldier-sih kind of unit? I wonder…

Yeah, I think she’s some royal peggy, or something. Not sure, can’t read Japanese. x3 It’s weird, though, her hair and her eyes…it’s like, exactly like Marth. Which is…well, weird. I mean, seriously. They’re supposed to be friends, right? Look like sibs…which they’re not…but they’re close… Right.

she looks like shes going to be the character type that frustrates me >>

I would like to point out tht some of us in this world are scrawn no matter how much we eat. It wasn’t that long ago that my waist was as non-existant as hers. Good times, good times lol. But seriously, I don’t think she’s gonna be a repeat of that Ilonya girl.

sheeda’s a peg knight and a princess of a small country. i don’t know how good she is but she’s very close to Marth. i’m expecting good supports between them.

Well, that helps. She looked as though she was related to Marth or something… Who would have guessed (if you didn’t know about the japanese version of the game) that she was a princess?

i only know all this because i’ve got the only two episodes of the anime that they ever made.

They actually made a show?!

Yes, if I recall correctly. However…the show only lasted two short episodes.

Sheeda is a good unit she starts weak but if you train harder Sheeda will become a great unit

I’m sure she will, but if any of you have ever seen the show (I found it on youtube. Just… in Japanese with subtitles) SHEEDA IS THE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER THERE! Her high pitched voice is especially bad when she’ scared to death and yelling at ‘Mars’ (Marth).

If you want annoying anime voices watch those stupid fanservice animes, lol. Sheeda is the best pegasus knight in the game, her speed rises higher than a mountain…

I haven’t seen any other Pegasus Knights yet… I am confident the Official Art of them shall be here when the English Version is released.

But from what I have heard, Sheeda seems like the only one who has a unique part. Since she is Marth’s friend. The rest, sadly, will probably only get their own chapter then not a word would venture out of their mouths.

The other pegaus are Katua Paola and Est and pegasus knight can promote to dragon knight(Master Seal) and Falco Knight(Elysian Whip) You can buy the Elysyan Whip in the Wi-Fi shop
Wi-Fi shop is a place where you can boy things by Wi-Fi and give those things to your units yess

Ah!? That sucks, I don’t feel like using Wi-Fi (since it never usually connects for me) for my units. That is totally unfair, I hate limitations. Why couldn’t they just keep rare promotion items in treasure chests?

All the units promote with the master seal the master seal cost like 2500(great)and the master seal is in the story the Elysian Whip only on the Wi-fi shop

Again, that’s irritating. Just for Nintendo to scrape up extra money. Usually, you’d buy the game, it’s gaming console, and then you are set, unless of course you are referring to a game like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker; the Tingle Tunner doesn’t exactly help at all with the plot, relatively, it’s useless and is hardly needed. But this is different, am I getting this impression that Pegasus Knights cannot be promoted if you do not connect Wi-Fi?

Onward to Sheeda, her hair is so brilliant looking. And is one of the best female characters I’ve seen in all of the Official Art so far. You can tell Falco Knights are only meant to carry pocket daggers around. Though in the real game it’s referred as an “Iron Sword”. If these Iron Swords are as big as they are on that picture, they don’t deserve to be dubbed the title of “Iron Sword”… Rather, Iron Dagger, no?

Double-Check: Uhm…actually, if you look at the sword it could suffice as one. But it’s not nearly as big as any other swordsmen’s sword.

Wait, pay for promotion items? That’s so stupid, it sounds fake. That’s like having to pay to use the Master Sword in Twilight Princess, or having to pay to go into Hypermode in Metroid Prime 3. Making someone pay for an essential powerup in the game is just madness. That sounds like lies, or misinterpretation on someone’s part.

you guys have it all wrong. You pay in game GOLD. not real cash *facepalm* you get so much gold in the game. by chapter 9 or so if you saved up you would have about 35k gold or more

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