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8 Responses to "fiona"

Useless little chick, aren’t ya? =__= Incapable of even leaning over your horse and pushing a rock down a hillside. Bah.

Quiet you! She’s kinda cute, and pretty strong as a Silver Knight.

im gonna work on her this game.. cause SL said i wouldnt be able too :p

who are you telling to be quiet? you may want to read over the rules before posting.

She was useful as a transportation unit, and quite useful as a sacrifice so I didn’t have to restart the chapter.

@ -Matthew Thief : I said that she’d be useless and you wouldn’t want to work on her. 😉

PAthetic little wimp. Never bother. She does make a good sacrifice.

NOT USELESS!!! If you work on her, she’s a good fighter in her own right, good enough to leave her more or less on her own, and still come out in one peice with all her enemies dead at her feet. And no unit is really useless. Worst comes to Worst, you can use her to guard your commander if he/she is kinda scrubby at that time.

And I think she’s knid of cute, but don’t tell my girl-friend that.

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